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Sound Books

Sterly & Snell

07 March 2015 - 13 May 2015

Sound Books, Amy Sterly & Thom Snell, 2015

Sound Books, Amy Sterly & Thom Snell, 2015

The tactile nature of books creates a sensual response that surpasses reactions to digital equivalents.

It is emotional and aesthetic - triggering memory and emotion...

Crack the spine.

Strum the pages.

Play the fragments of memories.

Sound Books explores the book as an object and the way it engages the senses.

Both artists live on the Welsh/English border and each reference the rural in their work, but with different outcomes. Amy Sterly is a printmaker and sculptor, while Thom Snell is a video artist and musician.  They are working together to exchange ideas and skills to create something new to both of them.

Supported with funding from the Arts Council of Wales.

Exhibition opening Saturday March 7 alongside Craig Wood, Dear Olivia...


Review of Sound Books by Ellen Bell, a-n news:

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