Lucy Morris

I spent most of my working career in the public sector as a senior finance manager and auditor mainly in local government and the health service. I retired in March 2021 from Flintshire County Council where I was the Finance Manager for Education and Schools. In this role I was responsible for developing financial policies for funding schools and working with Welsh Government on grant funding. I also managed a team providing management accounting support to schools.

I love the countryside and take every opportunity to put on my walking boots and head out for a day walking with my two dogs, Mike and Nigel.

What you like about Oriel Davies

Oriel Davies is a friendly and welcoming gallery and such a nice place to visit, you can see an exhibition, browse the shop and get a cup of coffee. The gallery is small so it is not overwhelming and I always find the staff and volunteers helpful. The exhibitions are very coherent and tell a story which for a non-artist makes the experience much more interesting and enjoyable.

A favourite cultural artefact

On my lounge wall are two Victorian prints, one is of pink flamingos the other snowy egrets and in both pictures the foliage is lush and green. The prints originally hung either side of the fireplace in my grandparents cosy cottage in South Wales and as a child I always loved them. I find the Victorian era fascinating and the prints conjurer up images of that bygone age, a time when rooms were opulently decorated with rich furnishings and every nook and cranny used to display ornaments and knickknacks. The prints have hung on my walls for 20 years and overseen all of my family celebrations and although I have to confess they are starting to look a little faded I’m still really fond of them.

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