Caitlin Shepherd

Caitlin Shepherd an artist, researcher and educator concerned with making socially engaged site specific artwork.

I use print design, sound installations and built structures as mediums to explore and listen to personal stories of everyday life, with particular interest in lived experiences of class identity, precarity and economic inequality.

I'm currently a PhD candidate at UWE DCRC, part of the 3d3 consortium. My praxis examines how intersectional working-class identity and experience is excluded from socially engaged art (and the creative industries at large), and what can be done through practices of situated listening, consciousness raising (CR) and critique to address such exclusions.

Through my praxis, I evaluate meeting-listening processes as a method of challenging exclusory tendencies of the art world and society at large. Essentially, I’m interested in how we listen, where we listen, the affective potential of listening to each other, and if listening to marginalized working-class voices has aesthetic, political and social impact and value.


I’m very interested in Oriel Davies efforts to work in dialogue with multiple people; artists, local residents, the Welsh community and national and international partners. My impression is, is that the gallery is committed to work towards intersectional social justice and sustainability, within Newtown and beyond. This work is very important, as we are living through times where oppressive structures of racism, sexism, classism, and capitalism are being dismantled and replaced with practices of promiscuous care. I’m very excited to be working with the gallery, using socially engaged art as a process of conversation, listening and practices of experimenting with caring imaginaries.


Oooo this is so difficult! I will have to say all things audio recording. In particular, I will say the ZoomH4N PRO Digital Multitrack Recorder and Rode NT1- A studio microphone. I use both bits of kit in my practice a lot and enjoy working with them.

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