Gaia Redgrave

Gaia is a freelance artist living and working in rural Pembrokeshire. She initially studied textiles at Coventry University before gaining a first-class BA(Hons) Fine Art in Birmingham as a mature student. Her practice discusses equality and access within current society through film, installation, and experimental performance.

Gaia leads projects supporting disabled artists to achieve their ambitions and works as a neuro-diversity in arts consultant, advising organisations on working with people experiencing a variety of neuro-diverse, physical, and mental challenges.

I weave unique fabric using a Japanese Saori loom and make it into clothing. My dream is to own an adult size rocking horse.


I like Oriel Davies as they are open and welcoming to everyone and show such a variety of quality artwork. They work hard to make what they do accessible to everyone. I would like to help Oriel Davies to be even more accessible, particularly for anyone who is neurodivergent or experiencing mental health difficulties. One of my passions is how art of all kinds is fantastic for supporting health & wellbeing. I firmly believe that you don’t have to be ‘good at art’ for it to be beneficial, after all, colouring outside the lines is fun!


I like functional objects with a social history to them. Using a crochet hook and a length of yarn you can produce a garment, a toy, a sculpture, a blanket. Nobody really knows the beginning of the hook however we do know that farmer's wives made a version of Irish lace for the 'mass market' during the potato famine of 1845- 1849. These hooks were made out of a length of wire and a cork or whittled from a piece of wood by their husbands. Queen Victoria crocheted scarves for selected members of her military. It is now an art form utilised by several artists including Brazilian Ernesto Neto

A crochet hook can be used to make clothing.

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