Jasmine-Violet Sheckleford

As an artist, Jasmine-Violet Sheckleford has always been influenced by mental health, identity and family. Recently her mental health has been a prominent factor. Dissociation and anxiety have led Jasmine to look at absence, both mentally and physically, exploring her identity as a black woman within both Welsh and British culture. Her artistic journey has taken Jasmine down many disciplines, From polaroid photography, to experimental Cyanotypes and emotional ink drawings. Jasmine-Violet graduated from Carmarthen School Of Art In 2020 and is currently pursuing her career as an artist. Her work is featured in the National Library of Wales Contemporary Art Collection.

"The light always shows on the outside if you are striving to be good on the inside.” -- Erykah Badu


I feel it is so important that we question the narrative and create thought-provoking art. This is a common passion Oriel Davies and I share. Everyone's experiences are different, and it's important to engage with every aspect of that. “Life starts outside your comfort zone.” Though conversations of race, politics and privilege can be challenging, I truly believe it starts with open dialogues. These open dialogues and conversations are something I would love to develop with Oriel Davies


I am a person of creature comforts, and not one to throw away something I treasured as a child. We all had a teddy or blanky, something that was attached to us by the hip as a child. For many that comfort now sits in a loft or in the hands of their own child. For others like myself it still sits in my bed. For me my childhood soft toy “suki” with her love worn fur and resown head, is a reminder of my own battles and scars. A personified creature with a silent voice of comfort.

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