Matthew Robert Hughes

Matthew Robert Hughes

Matthew’s work is guided by a love of story telling and the magic and theatre in the everyday.

He is uses ceramic sclupture and functional objects to create imagined worlds. Matthew is currently working on a script for a series short film funded by the Arts Council of Wales in partnership with Oriel Davies

Matthew founded Legion Projects, an artists run organisation, in 2012, which he collaborates with artists from across the UK to produce exhibitions, art works, films, publications and events. He has also established with his husband Graham, Chapel on the Green, a creative space for people to stay and relax on holiday or on retreats. The Chapel is also home to a magical garden, which Matthew has created and is an extension of his practice.


Oriel Davies faces many challenges as a rurally based gallery, which I have seen them rise and develop further to over the recent years. Exhibitions are thoughtful and visually engaging, with the community of Newtown and its surrounding areas at the centre of all programming. Oriel Davies has developed a great balance of contemporary, craft, community led and art historical exhibitions which is also reflected though their engagement programme with young people and adults. whenever I visit, there are also young beings wandering around, drawing and making work inspired by the artworks exhibited.


Lewis Chessmen

Imagine discovering these!? Artefacts full of such character and humour - proper treasure. The root of so many of the things that have inspired me, and which I hold close to my heart from childhood

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