Cerys Batten

Cerys studied Art & Design at the local college with a focus on Photography and Graphic Design. She has worked as a Creative Assistant producing design mood boards and as a Graphic Designer for Print. Cerys joined the Gallery in April 2021 through the Jobs Growth Wales scheme.

“I love anything where I get to play with colour! Digital drawing, painting & collage. I also enjoy going skateboarding at night with a headtorch on”

What you like about what Oriel Davies Does

I like that Oriel Davies are so welcoming, inclusive, friendly and really care about the importance of well-being. Engaging with contemporary art can be so uplifting - Oriel Davies gives people that joyful experience.

A Favourite Cultural Artifact

Vans classic slip-on shoes. They were first produced in 1977 but have been an icon for generations since. I love how they’ve been made with so many colour and pattern variations over the years, but the shape has always stayed the same. It’s like each pair has a unique personality.

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