Sickly Revelations*

John Lawrence

Exhibitions | 19 September 2015 - 4 November 2015

Overall prizewinner of the Oriel Davies Open 2014 John Lawrence presents his first solo show in Wales.

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Sickly Revelations* is a new installation by John Lawrence, last year’s Oriel Davies Open winner, which focuses on the influence of today’s mediated experience of the world - through movies, gaming and online platforms - and our shifting position within this networked culture.

Lawrence questions our engagement with, or detachment from, the 'real world' and how we perceive our role and ourselves within a technologically infiltrated one.

Moving image is at the centre of this installation and is divided over 3 Acts titled The Observer, The Receiver and The Transmitter, incorporating found, online video blog entries from a domestic setting and presented by an unseen narrator, alongside constructed 3D digital captures of specific objects, which may or may not originate from the hoarded piles of this apartment space.

Displayed in the same space are a number of mild steel frames that feature 'props' from the video, all of which feature the same black and yellow colour scheme including a series of posters that present a list of statements. Beginning with the words 'Some people...' they appear to list both the symptoms of some contemporary condition at the same time as referring to the banality found in everyday life.

'Some people have the experience of being in a familiar place but finding it strange and unfamiliar.'

'Some people have the experience of feeling that other people, objects, and the world around them are not real.'

John Lawrence lives and works in London.

Limited edition exhibition posters featuring text and phrases from the show are available from the Oriel Davies shop.

*Life is brittle // REAL

Supported by Arts Council England

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