Sophrology: Valérie Lewis

Suitable for all abilities: part of Warm Welcome

What's On | 25 January 2023 - 25 January 2023

Wednesday 25/01/2023 2-4pm (see ticket info)

Sophrology is a simple method for mental and physical wellbeing based on a practice that blends relaxation, breathing, movement and visualisation. The method was created by Dr. Alfonso Caycedo in 1960, and is designed to help each and every one unlock their true potential and transform their daily lives.

Sophrology helps to balance and harmonise your mind and body. It does not depend on age or fitness. In this way, it has many benefits across the whole span of your life. Once learned, the skills are within you – ready to ‘plug into’ at different times, whenever needed.

Sophrology is a natural anti-stress and relaxation methodology that has become very popular in continental Europe, notably in Spain, Switzerland and Germany but primarily in France where it is recognised as an effective support for certain patients in their health service.

Valérie Lewis has been a certified sophrologist since 2016, specialising in stress management, chronic pain and cancer support.

She works with people of all ages; children, teenagers, adults and elderly people.

She has worked with a wide variety of clients in the UK; from a talented boxer who needed help with coping under pressure and ended up competing at the Commonwealth Games in Australia, to people with chronic pain who felt “adrift and had tried everything”, to running a series of group sessions with stage four cancer patients.

She is a member of both the UK Sophrology Network and the International Sophrology Federation.

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