The Ladies of Gregynog

The Ladies of Gregynog by Eirene White tells the story of Gwendoline and Margaret Davies, inheritors of great wealth at the end of the nineteenth century, and unique among their wealthy contemporaries in the early twentieth century.

The two sisters devoted their large fortune to fostering the culture of their native Wales and, in 1920, acquired the Gregynog estate with the intention of establishing a craft commune.

Today, almost a century later, Gregynog hall is a centre devoted to academic study, the revived Gregynog Press and a continuing tradition of music festivals in the fine setting of the estate gardens and arboretum.


Eirene White (1909–99) was one of the first female members of Parliament in the Labour party in Wales.

First published in1985. Paperback. 64 pages.

The Ladies of Gregynog
The Ladies of Gregynog