Llif: Meet the Researchers

If the river Severn were a person, how would you tell her story?

2 June 2023 - 2 June 2023

Friday, June 2nd - 10 am to 12 pm

Visual artist Gemma Green-Hope and writer and audio producer Sofie Isenberg are aiming to answer this question as they gather material to make an art exhibition and an animated film about the river. The team will speak to glacial and fluvial geomorphologists in order to find out how the river first came into existence, whether and how its course has changed over time, and how it has influenced, and been influenced by, the surrounding landscape. They will gather information about the mythology and folklore surrounding the Severn, and about its history of human intervention (and intervention in human lives). They will also document the way life and death unfold around the river, including by collecting oral histories from people who have lived, worked and played along the Severn.

Come find out what their research has yielded so far and add your own stories to the Severn's biography.

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