Carol Ainsworth

On leaving school at 16 and moving to Wales, I attended Newtown College where I completed a Diploma in Business Studies and Finance. This now seems like an absolute age ago whereby I learnt audio typing and shorthand! Not very well used skills now, I can tell you – I am so glad that technology has advanced and taken over these skills. Recording Board Meetings and being able to play them back to write up the minutes is so much easier to manage.

I love walking, yoga and generally keeping fit, partaking in walks to raise money for various charities, including Cancer Research, Dementia and Meningitis Now, all of which are close to my heart – I also love good food, red wine and family time in the hot tub!


Although I may not fully appreciate and understand art, I love the fact that in art, anything goes, whilst in my role as Administrator and especially in finance there is only one definitive and correct answer. I love the absolute certainty in numbers, being precise and a bit of a control freak. I am a doer and like to ‘get the job done’, both in work and in my personal life, only being able to fully relax once the tasks are complete. I spent over 22 years in Laura Ashley’s finance department, in a multitude of roles, where I learnt ‘on the job’ detailed financial accounts and reporting. I love being part of a small team and being able to assist in all aspects of the gallery, but also being part of the wider and diverse audience, associates and partnerships.


The memories invoked in me listening to ‘The Phantom of the Opera’ on vinyl, are immense. Spending time with two of my beloved sisters, one future brother-in-law, who is sadly no longer with us, driving around the Devon countryside, stirs emotions that run deep. I know every word and will, to my husband’s and family’s annoyance, sing along at the top of my lungs, and not very well!

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