Kate Morgan-Clare

Kate thought university wasn’t for her and set up a fashion business instead. After founding a further business in marketing and working in the third sector as a community fundraiser she did eventually go to art college. A Fine Art Degree at Hereford College of Arts has led to Kate working for arts organisations Meadow Arts, The Drawing Gallery, Hereford College of Arts and the Sidney Nolan Trust. Kate is a practicing artist. She has run arts projects with communities across the Welsh Marches, London and Birmingham.

Kate joined Oriel Davies as Creative Producer in 2019

"I like to spend time with family and friends, hill walking and drawing."


Oriel Davies has such strong roots. Established through an endowment from the Davies Memorial Fund it has sprung from great principles of equality, accessibility to the arts and community. What a great foundation.

I was brought up in a household where there was always something creative going on. I don’t think there is a point at which creativity starts and finishes – it threads its way through all our lives if it’s allowed. Creativity makes us feel happy and fulfilled and connects us in unimaginably positive ways.

Being part of Oriel Davies reinforces all this for me. It is an open-minded and supportive organisation with an ambition to celebrate contemporary art, Welsh culture – and all cultures - and to nurture creative aspirations.

As part of the team at Oriel Davies I have the opportunity to bring people together. Everyone has something to bring, share and gain from engaging with the arts. In turn the arts can break down barriers, promote equality, show kindness and champion sustainability.


Did I mention I’m a farmers’ daughter? Binder Twine. Holding things together. This overlooked, functional material has a warm place in my heart. My Dad always had a knotted piece of recycled binder twine in his pocket as an instant, low tech fixing material.

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