Rose Teleri

Inspired by pebbles on the beach this silver necklace of 4 interlocking hoop is approx. 40cm long

We also have a range of earrings from the collection.



"This collection is inspired by the shapes and textures from the pebbles on my local beach here in Pembrokeshire. I love the way the irregular shapes interact and make their own patterns. I love the array of textures created by the different types of rock and their life in the ocean.

I have interpreted and recreated this in my work by allowing the shapes to form themselves and working with the shapes created in the forming process. I also leave the hammer marks and dents created a long the way, this is to mirror the way the pebbles are textured in a chain process. I like to relinquish control to a certain extent and allow the pieces to form itself.

I work in eco silver and gold to ensure all my products are as ethically produced as possible."

Rose Teleri
Rose Teleri