Polisi Gwirfoddolwyr

Oriel Davies

Draft Volunteer Policy

April 2021


Why does Oriel Davies Involve Volunteers?

Oriel Davies connects people with contemporary art and culture in Mid Wales in a stimulating, engaging, inclusive and welcoming environment. We are one of the leading galleries in Wales and the principle contemporary visual arts venue for the Mid Wales and Welsh Borders region. We are a meeting place for communities and society.

We want to build a thriving volunteer programme which will embrace our diverse local communities and promote equality, demonstrating our clear commitment to engaging with people of all ages and backgrounds. The volunteer programme aims to enable more individuals to have access to art and culture from a new perspective and to enjoy participating in the wide range of activities which go into running an arts venue and cultural programme.

We see our relationship with volunteers as mutually beneficial.

We believe that collaboration with volunteers will strengthen the gallery’s capability, efficiency and resilience.

The volunteer programme aims to provide local individuals with valuable opportunities to learn and develop skills by working alongside artists and staff. Volunteers will develop their understanding of contemporary art, build their confidence and improve their general wellbeing while doing something incredibly worthwhile.

Everyone is very welcome to volunteer with us. We recognise the diversity of our community and will make everyone interested in joining us feel valued and included. We are a wholeheartedly inclusive and caring organisation and will do our very best to support our volunteers as they support us.

Definition of Volunteering

Volunteering is an important expression of citizenship and an essential component of democracy. It is the commitment of time and energy for the benefit of society and the community and can take many forms. It is undertaken freely and by choice, without concern for financial gain.

Scope of Volunteering

Volunteers at Oriel Davies will be involved in a variety of activities and will be fully trained and supported by gallery staff. They will form part of the public face of Oriel Davies Gallery and will welcome visitors and enhance their experience of exhibitions and offsite projects.

Key roles include:

• Gallery invigilation, monitoring exhibits and interacting with visitors

• Retail, assisting with day-to-day aspects of stocking and running our specialist shop

• Workshops, supporting artist led creative sessions with members of the public

Oriel Davies also offers a limited number of opportunities for work experience and curatorial internships for suitable candidates.

Our Commitment to Diversity

Oriel Davies believe that art is for everyone and we want our volunteers to reflect this deeply held conviction.

The aim of our volunteer programme is to reach out to our diverse community. We aim to recruit people of all ages and backgrounds by advertising our volunteer opportunities widely with local organisations and via social media. Our staff are committed to welcoming and providing ongoing support to all volunteers.

Responsibilities of Volunteers

We are looking for individual volunteers who are open-minded, friendly and helpful and who believe in making art galleries inclusive spaces for everyone to enjoy.

Volunteers should be

• prepared to be flexible in order to accommodate visitor and gallery needs

• reliable and responsible

• prepared to make a regular time commitment

• able to behave in a professional manner in the gallery space.

To offer your services as a volunteer, please fill in the application form available on the Oriel Davies web site. Email or call 01686 625041 for a paper version.

Responsibilities and Screening

We will ask you for references to support your application to volunteer with Oriel Davies. Additionally, a DBS check will also be required.

Other Relevant Information

Additional Oriel Davies policies which are relevant for volunteers include Welsh language, equal opportunities, health and safety, privacy, expenses and details of insurance cover. We also have a complaints policy to outline what happens should there be any disputes. Please note that Oriel Davies has a commitment to listening and settling disputes quickly and amicably.

All policies can be reviewed in the Volunteer Handbook.

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