Be our guest

A new and alternative Bed & Breakfast

Arddangosfeydd | 29 Mehefin 2013 - 4 Medi 2013

A new and alternative Bed & Breakfast has opened its doors this summer for local residents and newcomers to Newtown. Visitors are being welcomed and encouraged to explore the contents of the rooms and corridors whilst imagining the histories, aspirations and desires of the B & B owners and any guests who may have 'checked-in'.

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The inspiration behind Be our guest has been taken from the popular Bed & Breakfast industry which has, for decades, played a key role in offering a warm welcome and personal touch when travelling away from home.

As one of the key industries in this region, tourism draws a broad range of visitors to the Gallery notably during the spring and summer months. Historically, the ‘tourist’ might be seen to date back to pilgrims, where monasteries could be considered one of the earliest forms of the B&B. The term itself was forged centuries later in the UK after World War II when numerous foreigners needed a place to stay. Local people opened their homes and started serving breakfast to overnight guests. Moving forward during the 1960s and 1970s B&Bs entered our cultural psyche as travelling and holidays became more viable. Then and now, the B&B has often been a favoured stopover and alternative to the more sanitised experience of many hotels.

Be our guest presents existing and new works that invite us to explore the attributes and desires associated with the notion of the traditional B&B (with a number who have collaborated with B&B owners and guests around Newtown). This immersive show features works integrated within the ‘rooms’ at the B&B which expose the blurred lines between private and public spaces and the roles played out by both host and guest. Works include board games with a twist, a shower screen with a hidden message, quirky fire notices and evidence of ghostly goings-on.

Artists include: Absent but not Forgotten, Caroline Ali, Colin Andrews, Dave Ball & Oliver Walker, Bird-Jones & Heald, Justine Cook, Marisa Culatto, Danielle Drainey, Anna Falcini, Janet Farahar, Craig Fisher, Tom Hackett, Joanne Henderson, Sian Hughes, JOAKES, Roger Lougher, Angela Lizon, Nigel Matthews, Andrew McPhail, Loraine Morley, Tiff Oben & Helene Roberts, Joanna Peace, Gaia Persico, Carol Quarini, Carole Romaya, Suzanne Smith, Jacki Storey, Fern Thomas from the Institute for Imagined Futures & Unknown Lands, Cally Trench, Rich White, Anita Wyatt.

Watch the films that Absent but not Forgotten made when they visited Newtown on the hunt for ghostly tales.

Dave Ball and Oliver Walker, Dinner Party

Social interaction with a difference... 2 & 3 September. Dinner will be served to 4 B&B guests / owners, each linked with 4 more guests in separate booths. The table-guests as body and voice and the booth-guests as conversation-makers. Interested in taking part? Booking is essential, contact 01696 625041 /

A big thank you to all the B&Bs in Newtown and further afield who have supported this project by allowing artists into their homes and businesses.

Yesterdays Guest House, Newtown

Artists: Rich White, Tiff Oben & Helene Roberts, Craig Fisher

Edderton Hall Country House, Forden

Artist: Fern Thomas

Yr Hafod Guest House, Newtown

Artists: Fern Thomas, Tiff Oben & Helene Roberts

Long Mountain B&B, Hope, Welshpool

Artist: Fern Thomas

The Gro Guest House, Newtwon

Artists: Fern Thomas, Bird-Jones & Heald

Mount Inn, Llanidloes

Artist: Fern Thomas

Maldwyn Guest House

Artists: Tiff Oben & Helene Roberts

Plas Canol, Newtown

Artists: Anna Falcini, Craig Fisher

Highgate Farm

Artist: Anna Falcini

Opening event Saturday 29 June, all welcome, see full details here

This project has received funding through the Rural Development Plan for Wales 2007-2013 which is funded by the Welsh Government and the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development.
Glasu - Derived from a welsh word, meaning “to green,” or “to regenerate,” Glasu supports individuals, businesses, communities and other organisations across Powys, with funding to develop innovative and sustainable projects. Glasu is also a partnership (hosted by Powys County Council) delivering the Welsh Government’s Rural Development Programme (R.D.P.), for Powys. Through a range of 5 themed programmes, Glasu offers R.D.P. funds to assist rural communities in improving the quality of life and economic prosperity in their local area. Innovative Tourism is one such programme, which has funded Oriel Davies’ Be my guest exhibition. For more information about Glasu please, telephone 01982 552224, e mail, or visit

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Essays & Reviews

Be our guest
Review by Ellen Bell from ‘a-n Interface’

Be our guest
Review by Billie Tilley from ‘This is Tomorrow’

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