Lucent Lines

Simon Fenoulhet

Arddangosfeydd | 13 Tachwedd 2010 - 19 Ionawr 2011

Using a variety of traditional and new technologies, the artist illuminates shoelaces, drinking straws and plastic tubing, creating beautiful transformations to illusory effect.

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In Lucent Lines another world awaits, a space for sensory contemplation and one to inspire wonder. Let your eyes adjust to the darkened gallery and witness a magical combination of light and matter created by Cardiff-based artist Simon Fenoulhet.

Using both traditional and new technology, the artist illuminates our world, creating transformations to illusory effect. Despite the seductive power of colour and light, the artist ensures that the physical nature of the work can still be discovered but explored in a ‘new light’. It is this shift between the ordinary and extraordinary where the artist finds fascination.

Simon’s methodical and scientific approach goes beyond technology and physics, presenting a balance between the physical and the non-material. Perhaps for its life-giving properties, light is often connected with spiritual or meditative experiences as well as its potential to tap directly into our subconscious. Lucent Lines explores this while allowing us to ‘understand’ the phenomenon in order we might choose, or perhaps desire, to suspend our disbelief.

Simon Fenoulhet studied Fine Art at both Newport and Cardiff Colleges of Art, gaining a Masters Degree in 1987. He has worked throughout Wales as an artist, exhibition organiser and public art consultant, and has exhibited widely in galleries and site specific locations as well as working as an artist on landscape and architectural design teams. He received a Production Grant towards work in Lucent Lines from the Arts Council of Wales in 2009 and was earlier a recipient of a Creative Wales Award in 2005. He lives and works in Cardiff.

Lucent Lines was originated by Newport Museum & Art Gallery

Evening Talk & Workshop with Simon Fenoulhet Thursday 25 November, 7pm
Simon talks about the work in his exhibition, Lucent Lines. more >

Lunchtime Tour of the Exhibition
Wednesday 8 December, 12.30pm – 1.15pm
Join Alex Boyd for a free and informal lunchtime tour of the exhibition. more >

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