new graduate work selected by Llantarnam Grange and Oriel Davies

Arddangosfeydd | 16 Tachwedd 2013 - 22 Ionawr 2014

Portal celebrates some of the most exciting new talent to emerge in contemporary craft in 2013.

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Highlighting work by eighteen Applied Art graduates the exhibition introduces those who are pushing the boundaries within craft practices whilst maintaining and developing the traditions of their craft.

Accompanying Portal are two new commissions showcasing work by jeweller Carrie Dickens and textile artist Sian O’Doherty, selected from the exhibition Look West in 2012. Commissioned by Oriel Davies this opportunity supports the development of these promising careers.

Developed in collaboration with Llantarnam Grange Arts Centre whose New Graduates Show, Portal has been an important platform for new makers since 2009.

Portal Makers: Penny Allen, Ann Blades, Luisa Cacciotti, Rachael Cartledge, Debbie Claxton, Danielle Davies, Chloe Emma, Katie Gamble, Sally Garner, Danielle Guess, Harriet King, Rhona McCallum, Kelly Munro, Corin Nesbit, Katie Owen, Helen Edith Pritchard, Will Schofield, Liv Thrane and Penny Wheeler

Exhibition launch 16 November
3 - 5pm
Refreshments provided

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