Toby Hay

Cerddoriaeth Fyw Yn Yr Oriel

Digwyddiadau | 23 Medi 2023 - 23 Medi 2023

Ymateb cerddorol i'r arddangosfa gyfredol - 'Rydyn ni i gyd yn Rhannu'r Un Awyr' gan yr artist haniaethol Helen Booth.

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Mae Toby Hay yn chwaraewr gitâr a chyfansoddwr sy'n cael ei swyno gan y cysylltiad rhwng tirwedd a cherddoriaeth. Mae ei gerddoriaeth ei hun wedi’i hysbrydoli gan dirweddau Mynyddoedd Cambria, lle mae wedi byw ar hyd ei oes. Mae ganddo ddiddordeb yn y cysylltiad rhwng chwarae’n fyrfyfyr a chyfansoddi ac mae wedi teithio ledled y DU ac Iwerddon yn perfformio’n unigol, neu’n cydweithio â cherddorion eraill.

Ar ddydd Sadwrn 23 Medi bydd Toby yn perfformio yn yr oriel, gan ymateb yn gerddorol i arddangosfa gyfredol - 'Rydyn ni i gyd yn Rhannu'r Un Awyr' gan yr artist haniaethol Helen Booth.

Morning/Evening Raga - Episode 1

"I say it is full of human warmth, but it is also tinged with wildness, and this I think is the beauty of Toby Hay, and of New Music For The 12 String Guitar in particular: he is able to convey multiple different emotions and represent multiple objects or landscapes, often simultaneously, and all with nothing more than a single instrument. This is the sign of a master musician at work, and Hay certainly fits that description. It is only two years since his debut and he is already one of the finest guitarists of his generation.”

— Folk Radio

“He has already developed a name for creating ethereal sounds that are rooted in a sense of place. It puts him within the wider explosion within the arts that is informed by a study of the natural world…. It’s dreamy, elusive, and appears to have all the time in the world.”

— Songlines

"The genre-defying result is a startlingly assured, often deeply beautiful album that renders by now over-familiar points of reference totally fresh and which, if given the attention it so richly deserves, will become a hypnotic, habit-forming listen.....This is music that proves powerfully potent at evoking crystal-clear images of the places and moments that may have inspired it.”

— Line of Best Fit

Toby Hay - 'Red Kite' - LIVE
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