Paper Cuts

Various artists

Arddangosfeydd | 27 Hydref 2007 - 8 Rhagfyr 2008

'Paper Cuts' is an exhibition of work by eight UK and international artists who employ everyday techniques and an ordinary medium - paper - to create powerful narratives that reflect on our culture and environment. Work by Peter Callesen, Beatrice Coron, Bruce Ingram, William Kentridge, David Miles, Annette Schröter, Pamela So and Simon Woolham.

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We are invited into a world of childhood adventures, fairy stories, play and mischief through the miniature landscapes and architectural models of Peter Callesen and Simon Woolham. In the work of William Kentridge, things which seem permanent - the very houses we live in - become transportable objects as we watch a procession of shadowy figures carry all their possessions on their backs. Beatrice Coron’s and David Miles’ cut out books and mobiles explore social interaction in an urban environment.

While some of the artists explore mainstream culture, others are interested in the impact of one culture on another. Bruce Ingram’s paper hanging basket portrays a clichéd ‘exotic’, and Pamela So investigates the way Chinese and English aesthetics have influenced each other in the collector’s garden. Annette Schröter’s large paper cuts of women in traditional German costume depict the invasiveness of globalised capitalism.

Paper Cuts is a touring exhibition, curated by Yasmin Canvin on behalf of Bury St Edmunds Art Gallery

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