Mick Brown

Michael is not an artist. His background is in community development, finance and cooperative business. He has lived and worked in Newtown for the past 25 years. After graduating in psychology from Keele he spent 2 years traveling, before returning to study sculpture at Bower Ashton. His career then took him into ethical finance and post grad work in rural economic development, and he is now part of a small team establishing a new bank for Wales.

“ I enjoy cycling, mountaineering, working in woods, improving my Welsh, weird music and cooking”

What I like about ODG and what to develop.

I am hugely proud that ODG is an important arts venue for Wales. But its value to Newtown and the region is massive, putting us on the cultural map and contributing to our local economy and our wellbeing. I am keen that we keep finding ways of reinforcing this within our own self-identity as a community.

Cultural Artifact

It has to be the bicycle. Ever since I got my first bike aged 9 I never fail to be amazed at how differently I can move through space and time. They are the humblest, most numerous and most beautiful of vehicles having evolved and adapted perfectly to the shape of our bodies.

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