Susan Robertson

I am a maker and illustrator. I studied at West Surrey College of Art & Design in the very late 70’s, my main subject being woven textile design, however my subsidiary subjects of printmaking and photography are the ones that I have continued to love to this day.

After working for a few years for Laura Ashley after college, I then went on to be a partner in a soft sewn textile business. Later joining a Portuguese lighting manufacturing company, I was involved in designing award winning lighting for prestigious retail and interior design companies.

Now as a partner in Wiggles & Florence I illustrate ceramics and textiles, we also provide bespoke designs for museums, historic buildings, retail and royal palaces. Alongside this, I continue to take photographs and supply images to Trowbridge Gallery in London & New York.

Collecting stuff! robots, posters & lighting. I love cooking, sewing, creating, entertaining & watching films, reading and being with people.


Art needs to start from day one. It is just as important as reading, writing, music & sport. It should be an inclusive part of all subjects. Accessibility to art & design should be a part of everyday life for everyone. We are very privileged to have The Oriel Davies Galley on our doorsteps to provide direct access to the arts. A lot of what we see nowadays is in 2D, the gallery provides a physical destination which encourages seeing, feeling and listening. An inspiration to create & learn for young & old, individuals, families, schools & colleges. It encourages inclusivity for everyone.

Everything is designed from nature through to industrial buildings & objects. We should all be encouraged to really see and explore these things.


Stanfords Map of Modern London & the Suburbs published March 30th 1878

I love maps and this one was hand drawn, it has every street, house, park, station, dock and bridge . It is also huge. Made when a lot of the outskirts of London was just fields, farms and allotments. Maps have always fascinated me they are a quick and instant insight into how places were once upon a time. The patterns the road and land makes from above.

I still use a proper paper map on a new journey in the car, I like to see where we will end up and the route at a glance!

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