Diverse Voices

A project that allows everyone to be heard

Diverse Voices was initially a pilot project supported by the Arts Council of Wales to hear the voices of everyone in our community.

Two writers were commissioned to explore ideas relating to Robert Owen from their individual perspective. They observed and met with people in our community. Their initial responses informed the writing on the Robert Owen 250 public artwork by Howard Bowcott.

We recognise that people in a small community like ours often collaborate to make things work. We also recognise that sometimes we can be part of the whole community but also be part of a different group too. We call this intersectionality.

We celebrate intersectionality, and we welcome diversity and inclusion. It was with this in mind that we wanted to explore different viewpoints and that’s where Diverse Voices came from. We hear diverse voices throughout our programmes at Oriel Davies. We ask people to listen to those voices and we hope they help us all to view our world from new and different perspectives. Sometimes this is easy, sometimes it can be challenging. We ask that all voices are treated with equal respect.

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