We're on the lookout for people to be part of our programme over the coming months.

There are a number of opportunities. If you are interested in any of them please email for each on using a separate # for each expression of Interest (EoI).



We have an open call for professional artists and printmakers who work with portraits. It could be drawings, paintings, prints or photography. I’m interested in seeing work that explores either stories, history or feelings, work that is clearly portraiture… what does that mean nowadays?

When: by December 31 for inclusion in a major exhibition in March 2022. We’re interested in existing work.



Flower growers, florists, artists

I’m looking for an artist or person working with flora to create Arcadia in the gallery using natural materials and to last a specific length of time.

When: by December 31 for exhibition in March-June 2022

Fee: please indicate a fee you would need to bring this work to life.



We are looking for professional artists, performers, filmmakers, animators and printmakers who have worked with the story of Blodeuwedd, who was made from broom, meadowsweet and oak. I’m interested in seeing work that explores this story, the ideas or the concept of a woman made of flowers.

When: by December 31 for inclusion in a major exhibition in March 2022. We’re interested in existing work.



I’m searching for a black writer to create a short poem or lyric that explores the legacy of Robert Owen. The writer will meet school children or specific community groups to share their experience of reading and writing in February and encourage members of the group to also write a poem. The work will be included within a major public art project to be unveiled in May 2022

How much: £1750 (Based on £250 per day)

When: by 31 December

Project completed by 5 March



This is an opportunity for Welsh Speakers ONLY.

Ydych chi'n Awdur neu Fardd neu Gyfansoddwr Cymraeg? Rwy'n chwilio am awdur i greu cerdd llinell 4/5 sy'n archwilio etifeddiaeth Robert Owen. Bydd yr awdur yn cwrdd â phlant ysgol neu grwpiau cymunedol penodol, i rannu eu profiad o ddarllen ac ysgrifennu, ym mis Chwefror ac annog aelodau’r grŵp i ysgrifennu cerdd hefyd. Bydd y gwaith yn cael ei gynnwys mewn prosiect celf gyhoeddus mawr a ddadorchuddiwyd ym mis Mai 2022

Faint: £1750 (Ar sail £250 y dydd)

Pryd: erbyn 31 Rhagfyr

Cwblhawyd y prosiect erbyn 5 Mawrth



Looking for artists, illustrators and textile designers to work with community groups to make two colour appliquéd fleece blankets that explore aspects of Oriel Davies’ work, local stories, history, language, community.

When: by 31 December



Graphic Designer / Branding Expert

We need you. We’re looking for someone to work with our existing brand to create bilingual templates for posters, signage, flyers, events, workshops, exhibitions, films, socials, bookmarks, and postcards, map and floorplan.

Interested? Pitch to us

When: NOW (31 December)



Illustrator/Artist/Designer/Maker to work with us freelance over 12 months creating interventions in the gallery with particular focus on our retail space. 12 days over 4 seasons. Interested? Pitch to us

When: NOW (31 December)



We’d like to hear from people with experience of Marketing and Communications.

As a modern contemporary visual arts organisation working inclusively with our local, national and international audience we want to share our achievements and communicate better the excellent work that we do. Is this something you can help us with?


CAFE Tenant

We are still looking for an entrepreneur to take on our cafe space. We are looking for someone who shares our ethics and ambitions, and who has excellent barista skills. The aim is to provide the best coffee and a selection of cakes and pastries to eat in or take away.


Published: 27.11.2021