New Routes Internship Programme

Hands-on work experience in the arts for young people

Thank you for the help you've given me and Tamzin, and thank you Tamzin for doing this with me, we were both a bit scared going into the internship but doing it together, working together, problem solving together I think made it so much more than we ever could have imagined.
Rivers Jewell

Two young creatives from North Powys have been taking part in an internship for young people who experience barriers to accessing career opportunities in the arts.

New Routes is a national pilot project, funded and managed by the arts participation organisation Engage. Oriel Davies is one of five partner organisations across the UK.

Finding employment in the creative industries is particularly difficult for young people in Mid Wales and many leave the to find opportunities elsewhere. The internship is part of the gallery's ongoing work to support young people (under 35) who are choosing to build creative practices in the area.

The gallery devised a four month programme for interns Rivers and Tamzin which provided opportunities to collaborate with a team of artists and staff and work with the gallery's youth programme to deliver and support creative activities for young people.

They took part in a consultation process with a wider group of young people to discuss the future of a youth programme at the gallery where young people will run the programme, get involved in gallery life and contribute to the board for trustees. Read more about this programme here Cynulliad / Assembly

Engage provided an online meet-up with other interns chance for them to meet other interns online and a grant to cover the costs of paying interns an hourly wage The Living Wage

Rivers and Tamzin dedicated themselves to the internship opportunity as well as studying full time in arts courses at college. They learnt new skills and grew in confidence. They brought fresh ideas to the creative programme and gave peer support to participants. Their commitment to developing careers in the arts is inspirational. They are brilliant role models for other young people.

Published: 11.03.2024